Nerve pinching or needling might be electrolyte deficiency

If you feel nerve pinching or tingling sensation, don’t panic. Cystic fibrosis patients might have this at earlier or later stages.

One morning I woke up when I was feeling alright, not too weak not too strong but there was this strange and sudden nerve pinching I felt. It was comparatively a good day for me and I had made plans earlier in the morning for the rest of the day but then I guess everything was not in my favour. This sudden nerve pinching made me feel weak all of a sudden.  I kept ignoring it but then around afternoon, it was so strong that a sudden attack of it which stayed for 30 secs, I felt as if I am being continuously pinning and needling down by something so strong and I could not bear the pain any more. I cried for help and Lata ( my friend and my domestic help) came to my rescue. She has seen me going through various episodes of pain and other things since three years now ( that’s the time duration she has been with us), so she kinda massaged my foot and hand and It passed. I didn’t know how to explain it to anyone. Sometimes when you are suffering from something for a long time, then there are chances when you imagine things also. But this was not my imagination, it was happening and still, I didn’t know how to explain it to my family or doctors.

I messaged my physician but he messaged back saying it might be muscle spasm around your neck and a good massage should release it in no time. I got the massage done but it was still there. I ate a muscle relaxant tablet twice a day but it didn’t go away. I googled and found a lot if reasons for it. For example: less blood circulation, muscle spasm, heart issues but somehow I was not satisfied. So I kept looking and when I’d didn’t find anything anywhere, I thought may be after few days it will pass and I should not pay attention. It was there with me almost all the time. After a while or so, I was telling it to my sister, who is a physiotherapist. And suddenly she realized it might be electrolyte deficiency and yes there was my answer. She asked questions like, how frequent have you been exercising or walking lately? Have you been sweating a lot? How is your water intake and salt in your food? I got my electrolyte panel done next morning and results were positive. I had my sodium and chloride levels less than normal.

And yes, I had been avoiding taking extra salt in my food and water as well. In CF, we loose a lot of Salt through sweating, hence results in electrolyte deficiency. And also I had been sun walking a lot too. When I informed my doctor to cross check, he agreed and was sorry for not noticing it on time. But better be late than never.

Next day, I went to a medical shop and got some packs of electrolyte juice and had two packs of it everyday for next one week along with a pinch of additional salt (more than what I was having) and it reduced. It’s still there but then it’s not so much. 

Now, I know that another symptom is there but at least I am trying to control it or provide substitute for the loss of electrolyte. I am sharing this because no one ever has written about it. 

When can you feel this pinching or needling more?

  • When you yawn 
  • When you get up after sitting for five ten minutes 
  • When you lift any weight 
  • When you walk in sun 
  • When you climb stairs 
  • Or when you simply stretch yourself. 



“Eat healthily, sleep well, breathe deeply, move harmoniously.”




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