Cystic Fibrosis & Dengue fever: Dreadful August 2017

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I have been thinking of writing since so many days but there are so many things happening that I wasn’t getting time to write and update my blog.

I am a person who has a mindset of always trying to better myself and my surroundings. And when i think I am getting stronger, better- I am again on bed. coughing with aches and pains or some other issue. I think that is the biggest challenge when living with cystic fibrosis.

I am constantly working on to stay healthy and to try to improve my health, and yet, there are so many times when I don’t feel like the numbers don’t show that work.

In the month of August, I was again hospitalized for Dengue followed by pneumonia and that was the time when I was suppose to go for my solo trip to Uk. Everything had to be postponed. I was in hospital for 13 days and at home on IV’s for another two weeks thrice a day. Dengue was seasonal but since my immunity gave up so soon that Pneumonia had to be the companion. My lung function again came down and I was no where ready to leave for my trip.

Those thirteen days were the days when I prayed each and every day and second to God, to end my suffering and take me away. Yes! these are the thoughts when you cant breathe well.

When you give up the hope, thats when your loved ones come and support you. I am really very lucky to have all of them in my life and be there when I need them. One cant live your pain but one can bring a smile on your face when you have given up. 


And My antibiotics were Meropenum and Amikacin thrice a day with all other medications. After being home then for another two weeks on medications, yes I had lost weight, had no strength and my lung function had gone down to 35%.


So, All I knew was that I have to get back to 50% of my lung function, gain some strength and go for my planned trip. I had to remind myself that with this cystic fibrosis, maintaining lung function is important.And i continued with my medicines, meditations and yoga. I would be joining gym too and have thought of taking break from my work too after I come back from my trip.


By the end of September, I was all ready to leave for my trip which was scheduled for the first week of October. Its just hard to accept it sometimes that you are not normal like others. But then I guess, It was my trip which drove me, motivated me.

I just carried one bag pack and that was half filled with my medicines. Did that stop me? No- Doesn’t matter what medical condition I have: I wont give up as I believe everything happens for a reason and if CF has become part of my life, I rather accept it than cribbing about it.

When I went for my follow up, My doctor was happy with everything and pretty much told me to keep doing what I’m doing.

And I left for my trip.





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  1. yeah i know how exactly do you feel in those 13 days IV course (in my case 14) those pains from the iv and the felling of breathlessness can break someone to the core….. but during the course i think about tge days after the course that helps me to build my inner strength to suffer from those days…… bte informative and motivational blog


    • That’s very brave of you Rahul. That’s how we can overcome this weakness of sometimes losing the battle. Good going. God bless kid


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