Process of relocation: Cities won’t let us breathe

When dealing with chronic illness life can become quite difficult and now one of those difficulties is to find a place which shall have less pollution, fresh air, warm temperature with better hospital services. Challenging ! Yes, its quite challenging because being in India, finding such place is a challenge. I live in a city called Gurgaon – Delhi NCR and the Pollution levels here leave healthy living beings breathless – You can imagine about us then.

A regular day in Gurgaon- The pollution levels are going only up since last few years

I have been trying for my Canadian Pr Visa as the health facilities there are better but what about the cold temperature? What about my Bully Dog babies? Who will take care of me when I am sick? So I thought until all these things get sorted, I shall look for a place here in India itself. And last week travelled to South of Kerala in South India. One of the best places but alas, the places where I would like to live have very few hospitals around. It was mesmerizing but then it wasn’t suitable to my health.

This was at one of beaches there. I wish life was so beautiful everyday- but then we wish alot sometimes.

Filled my lungs with fresh oxygen and got back to my city –The SEARCH is on. Hopefully I will find a place soon. Meanwhile I shall live the way I am and try to survive in the best way possible. 

Yoga in kerala.jpg

Lets breathe and lets meditate. Those who have know how difficult breathing is- Value it more than anyone else. 





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