Did CF stop me from my Car Rally : A BIG NO!

And when you think that you can’t do something which you have been wanting to do or seen other people doing it- that’s when someone knocks and offers you the same.


I am talking about this Women Car Rally which recently happened from New Delhi to Jaipur. It was my sister Who sent me a post of it and asked me if I would like to go. I hesitated for a bit thinking of how many Medicines and equipments would I take along or how can I drive so much (not that I have not driven for trips before but then that is always as per my convenience and its all under discipline and rules). I thought about it for few days but then the INNER VOICE came and I registered myself. I didn’t know if I could complete it, what kind of a track would it be but since I have been to Jaipur, Rajasthan before, I knew it’s a hot and muddy and sandy state. I needed to have strength for Driving, all provisions for my Oxygen supply etc.

And the preparations BEGIN:

Exercise regime: I started strengthening exercises at my gym and started eating more than I would eat normally with extra CREON before my meals. I stoped STRETCHING and focused on my STRENGTHENING more. I did more BREATHING EXERCISES than my routine. It was tiring as I had to spend almost ten days doing nothing else other than taking care of myself.





Choosing a Vehicle 🚗:

This is one of the difficult ones.  If I need to drive on my own I prefer Automatic for long & short ones even but here I was choosing ISUZU DMAX and it’s a mini truck. It’s Strong and best for a car rally if driving on broken roads or uphills. It’s not even automatic but then this was the test. I wanted to see if I am good to drive it for two long days on an unknown terrain.

Now you got it why did I focus more on STRENGTHENING. 😊😊😊Smart me.

Final day:

It was maddening. Where everyone was bothered about arranging the list which was given by the organizers and I had to do everything extra. I was arranging the basics and was more worried about my oxygen can, nebuliser, extra Medication, masks, cannulas and so on. But everyone around me helped me. They asked me to focus on my medical supplies and they will arrange the rest. And looked like I was all ready.

My body was shaking, trembling with anxiety when I left home. I didn’t know in what condition I would get back? Would I be able to complete it, come home healthy? I was only praying to Almighty that I shouldn’t get sick on my way. Where people were bothered about winning the rally, I was praying for just completing it, living the experience and the prayers were answered. I won’t say I came the way I went but I was fine. I had not expected it the way it turned out to be.

I had not announced my sickness to the organizers the way I should have. I didn’t want to loose a chance of participation. So I just said I Have CF and have breathing issues but thanks to our ignorance : they didn’t know anything about CF and couldn’t guess what it could be.

Choosing my Partners for the rally:

I chose two friends. Arjun, whom I have known since nine years now and knows about my condition very well and Radhika, whom I have known for six years and doesn’t have much knowledge about it but is an extremely positive and encouraging person. She was a best bet as she is a good driver and I thought incase I fall sick or need to come back, she would be the best person.


Women Car Rally 2018

This rally was in time/Speed/Distance (TSD) format on a non-cumulative basis with applicable rules and regulations of The Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI) of Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) in India, the International Sporting Code of the FIA, and Women Car Rally Supplementary Regulations.

We drove through beautiful scenic route and culminate with a grand award ceremony where the participants let their hair down and celebrate their proud achievement. It was such amazing fun. I made some more amazing friends on my way and shared a beautiful bond with them.

Met another suffered, yet lively soul:

Every journey has its own experiences to offer, lessons to teach and stories to tell. All of this depending on how receptive one is. I have always been receptive towards these offerings. One often stops and questions the Almighty, “Why me?” but when we look around, we realize that it’s not easy to walk in someone else’s shoes. Every one has their own little battles to fight. 

I happened to meet this amazing soul whose journey has been nothing like an evening stroll. He underwent as he puts it, a little bit of adventure. He was in a dilemma of health challenges and yet managed to put up a brave front and never forgot to wear a smile on his face. After sharing his story, I couldn’t help but be grateful to the creator for all that he has blessed me with. I asked him – “You are so full of life even after what you have been through, what keeps you going? ”  With a smile on his face, he replied, “We have all been given one life to live, I want mine to be worth seven lifetimes worth”. 

And in that moment I realized why I was a part of this rally, what role we have to  play and what we can offer. You meet people for a reason. Your life is a sum total of the encounters and experiences, a never ending “give and take” relationship. Looking at him, there is no telling, no give-aways that he has so many medical issues and maybe that’s what life is about. Simple in it’s own complicated ways. I don’t know whether I can muster the same strength or even enough  but what I can do is give it my best shot. That’s what he intends to do with his, right? So, life, bring it on!.

Again moments of adventure, love, life, happiness, sharing, gratitude, humbleness came into my way. And I am grateful to the creator for another such journey.






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