If not me then who, says Aditya Gulati

36391995_10158240924282524_3307644186840268800_n (1)Once someone said, “You are so amazing with people. You can get along with them so easily. Accept them and are always smiling.

 I said, “ I know the real value of life and smiles now. Learnt it the harder way.”

But its not always true – sometimes its so difficult to talk to few ones who have suffered or suffer much more than anyone of us. Someone with such story found me and contacted me.

I was an inspiration for him but he is a bigger inspiration for me. ADITYA GULATI, 30 year old, an Amazing person from Delhi.

I did mention about Aadee in my previous blog, right? He is one among those who doesn’t give up on his life and sounds most of the time, POSITIVE. It will be a lie if I say all the time and thats why I used the term, MOST OF THE TIME. (He has his down moments too)

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Aditya is on 24×7 Oxygen support already but you can still see a beautiful smile even when he has that fancy cannula on his face.  Without fail, we talk everyday. I tell him, you talk alot and he replies, I know. 🙂 Thats Aditya Gulati.

Heres a part of our whatsapp conversation, for you all to read and know a little about this warrior spirit.

Q – Tell me about how you got to know and how was it different then?

A – I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at the age of 9 months. It didn’t really hit me or bothered me by the time I was 12-13. From asthma to pneumonia to tuberculosis, I was told all sorts of things and even treated for all these by doctors who had no idea about cystic fibrosis in India at that time. It was at the age of 14 when I met Dr. Kabra at AIIMS Pediatrics luckily. And then the journey began actually for my family because I still didn’t take it seriously.

Q – What do you think about life and do you think it would have been different if you didn’t have CF ?

A – Honestly.. YESSS.. Life would obviously have been different without CF. Quality wise for sure.How different? Don’t know, but definitely normal. To be honest, I didn’t struggle much during my teenage except sucking at sports, running and being regular at school. In fact, I had zero hospitalizations from age 10 to 20. Just a couple of home IV courses.

My major struggle was to gain weight to get some attention from the opposite sex, just like any teenager and avoid bullies and body shammers at school. Which remain constant all through my school life.

Q – When you understood your medical condition and what was the reaction and How did you accept it then?

A – All throughout my teenage years and even long after that, I kept asking myself and God “Why me”?. It was only later in life, when I got an in depth knowledge about cystic fibrosis and got an answer to that. Now ask me, why me? And my reply will be, “Who else if not me?”. Not everyone can handle what CF can bring to you. You need to be God’s chosen one to carry this nonsense mutation with pride.

“Upar wala, sar dekh ke sardaari deta hai” – Unknown (God chooses wisely and doesnt make everyone a king)

Q – And what would you like to tell those parents or children out there who have CF ?

A – It only gets worse to be honest. Cystic fibrosis is like a wolf at your door, who is always scratching to get inside to eat you. Sooner or later, it gets you for sure. But that “SOONER OR LATER”, that totally depends on you. Just keep doing whatever it takes to keep the damn wolf out, one day at a time. And to CF parents, I just wanna say, your kid might not always “Look Sick” to you. But they are, when they say it.

Another thing, please don’t assume various scenarios about us, when we spend hours in the bathroom every day. Its definitely not what it looks like to you, we’re just struggling being pancreas insufficient in there. So relax! We’re already pretty embarrassed about our bathroom trips, don’t make it more embarrassing.

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. We suffer from a genetical disorder and NOOOO it cannot be cured with saunf/ajwain ka paani and ayurved/homeopathy blah blah pathy. These are all relieving factors- physical and mental ones. But don’t think of them as treatments. So unless the cystic fibrosis foundation and the FDA comes up with an official cure, you and I or anyone/anything CANNOT CURE CF but we can take care of ourselves well and delay the progress or prevent unnecessary hospitalizations- Thats all we can do.

I had plans to be here a few more years later where I am today. But CF had plans of it’s own haha. 11th August 2017, I was hospitalized for a chronic type 2 lung failure anddddd the next thing I knew, I was hooked onto this oxygen concentrator.

36396817_10158240922812524_3529599072971259904_n (1)

You can get int touch with Aditya on his instagram id or follow him for his humorous post- @AdityaGulati

This is his way of looking at CF. Just because CF is a terminal disease does not mean we have a death sentence and we know the date and time already. The doctors have no idea on how long we will live and if they did- there wouldn’t have been something called GOD, ALMIGHTY, The CREATOR.

So live! Live to the fullest. Do whatever you can, if people do it in an hour, take a day but don’t stop. Don’t give up. Each one of us is different and we handle our conditions differently. 

One day you will need to open your heart and realize the underlying condition. Then why not today?So accept it and live with it gracefully.

P:S The next blog will be about “How and why did I began my Solo travels” Keep following.




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  1. He’s my friend & I know him from child hood. He’s one gem of a person blessed as a wonder to help people at anytime, anywhere & make the place lively where ever he’s present. Good luck brother, you can count on us at anytime 😊


  2. Really inspiring, being a doctor I can understand the medical aspect of this….but hearing it from Aditya has shown me a new dimension….I believe everyone should hear and learn the importance of life and living it fully…..


  3. Hello, very inspirational write up… u r real hero…when my daughter will grow up.. I will tell her to read this..she is 3.5 YEAR OLD and has CF. I liked your lines that they are sick even they don’t say..it..I can feel her sickness..even when she looks normal..


  4. ”Aditya” naam hi kaafi hai…….. He is a gem of a person. He will make you laugh every minute. We all love spending time with him and he is never out of stock with his stories. He is like best buddy to all. You are a #star bro


  5. Aditya is as amazing human being and a true CF warrior. Please stay strong and keep fighting as you stay as an inspiration to most of us…


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