My First SOLO TRIP- To the land of TURKS – Turkey

I remember, as a child I would always get dreamy eyed at the mere thought of travelling. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 12.12.05 PM

I was in love with the idea of travelling alone around the world but that view got obscured amidst the hustle bustle of life. Studies, career, health, etc etc etc.

Often I planned trips but they never materialized partly because of my health and partly because I didn’t know where to start from.

I don’t come from a family that paid visits abroad on vacations and that being another reason why I always fantasized about it. I would talk to a friend who had travelled a lot on his own and would travel more, about his travels and experiences and that also would get me motivated. He was younger to me and I would think if he could do it- then why not me but then he, Mashallah He is hail and healthy and here I was most of the time dependent on others for my health but they say sometimes a simple word is enough to motivate you.

And after I was told by my doctors after few years I might not be able to walk even, live even that was the time I decided If life is so short- Let me begin it with travelling.


And on one fine day, my fairytale  seemed to come to life. In June 2015, I was personally going through some rough time and one evening I walked up to Faraz and told him I will be travelling alone to some unknown place to me. Yes, you read that right,  a trip to a foreign land and that too, all by myself! Without much delay,  I gave my better half, a piece of my mind. He was apprehensive at first but he couldn’t ignore the glint in my eyes and suggested me to choose from either Turkey or Europe.

Now someone with such unpredictable health cannot be so unpredictable in nature. BUT I CANT HELP IT. I AM ! And I chose TURKEY 🙂 Land of TURKISH.

With jitters all over,  began my much awaited adventure to Turkey! The name itself conjured visions in my airy head and all that I knew about the place, came to life in front of my eyes.  With a farrago of feelings, I hugged my friends a little too tight and they hugged me  back tighter, reminding me to have fun. Faraz even played the father for a bit, asking me to keep my Passport in the inner pocket of my vest. I could understand his concern  for he knows my brain too well. Bidding everyone adieu, I headed to join the long queue. 

Things I carried:

Nebulizer, Endless medicines, Scarves to keep my neck warm, Socks, Extra Inhalors, Laptop and couple of books, Along with couple of t-shirts and lowers.

Process of Immigration:

The immigration officer took a look at me and started to bombard me with questions. “Why Turkey? ” he asked.  ‘Because I always wished to visit it’ came my reply.

” You are from Kashmir?” he asked with with inquisitive eyes. ‘Yes and a proud one’ , followed my reply.

He then indulged in some coherent talk with himself but I can swear I heard him say ” A Kashmiri Muslim going to a Muslim country. ..” to which I just frowned but camouflaged it with a smile and thanked him.

Being done with all the formalities, I advanced to board my flight . I  am never good with numbers but,  I still remember the details of that flight. How can I forget that promising  morning of 2nd of June , 2015 ?! 
When in the flight , the child in me came out from what it seemed like a lifelong hibernation. I wanted to catch some z’s but the excitement was invincible. After some three and a half hours,  we reached Kazakhstan where I had  an hour long halt. The next flight to Istanbul was some good five and a half hours long. Now , it’s a task to remain entertained for that long. I had books with me but I watched some series by the name of “Homeland” instead of flipping through the pages. Also,  I constantly kept on asking  myself ,  ‘What will I do? What are the places that I’ll visit? ‘ My thread of thoughts came to an end with the announcement of arrival over the PA system. I buckled my seat belt with my eyes stuck to the window, thirsty for what the country had on display. The safe landing was greeted by the passengers clapping in unison and that brought Faiqa, my sister- in – law, to my thoughts.  I remember her telling me about this ritual of the Russian flights. 
A gush of fresh air hit me on my face  and filled me in with a feeling too overwhelming. Also, the jet lag concern came charging at me. 

And with that, the sudden realization of me being all by myself, dawned upon me.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 12.10.01 PM

I wanted to stop the time and be in that moment for a while and celebrate my days and nights while I was being able to travel on my own and be independent- Meet strangers, walk unknown paths and breathe air of different places. May be its all so simple and normal for people but to someone who has been given an ultimatum – Its really something big- Bigger than getting a dream job, becoming a millionaire- Because we struggle for every breath everyday every second. 

By now I was tired. I just wanted to take nebulization and sleep but I still had to reach to my AIRBNB stay.

I was there for 16 days and I visited Istanbul, Izmir, Cappadocia, Ankara.

Met some amazing people on the way and felt so free of everything. They celebrated my birthday and treated me well. I felt lighter and like a bird who could fly anytime anywhere. That day I realized life is too short to waste around. And I promised myself that rather than throwing a expensive birthday party, I would travel in that money on my birthday/after or around it.



Next year in 2016, I did travel within India to Pondicherry, some unknown parts of Kashmir, karnataka  & Himachal Pradesh where I hadn’t been before, and in 2017, I did UK- London, Ireland, Scotland & a part of Kerala in india.

I have become a better person and value friendship, humanity, love, smile more since then. I have been overwhelmed with natures beauty across the globe. I still have many places to go to, many people to meet, be friends with unknown people, know the cultures and get back to my nest. 


This was How and why I started travelling alone. I chose a profession which allows me to take care of myself and take me to places- Helps me grow and value each and every second of life. 

Tell me your first travel and lets share the happiness. 




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:-) A seeking one.
By profession, a Wellness Coach for Physical and Mental Health, Certified Yoga and Pilates Therapist, Grand Master in Meditation, Traveller and a Blogger

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  1. Well, traveling alone needs a bit of self endurance, especially to an unknown place. But with the kind of positive energy you have, you can easily make friends, jell up with strangers and that is what I love the most in you.
    Hats off to the idea of exploring the world instead of throwing a lavish party :*
    I am quite interested in knowing who is that person younger than you to motivate you 🙂 would love to follow a person who motivated a
    Motivator like you..
    Waiting for your blog post on your next international trip.
    Lots and lots of Love. GBU

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  2. Wow Arouba keep it up my dear ,,,God bless u always ,,fulfil ur ol dreams,,,u r such an amazing person,,solotravelling is an owsm step of urs which makes ur lyf more delightful,a real fighter who breaks all barriers nd make herself a proud girl . Being a girl it is not easy for us to take our decisions but u did it ,u proved urself very well in every sphere of lyf. I know ur struggles the hardships u hv faced in ur lyf but kehte hain na antt bhala to sb bhala ,,,today u became an inspiration for many of us ,,,God bless u wid gud health ,,,loads of luv nd wishes for u

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  3. Beautiful place…
    Exploring a new place is real adventure. People hesitate to go a newer place but exploration of a place gives a new and beautiful experience. Love u loads

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  4. Your zest for living is commendable! Never have I come across a person so full of life and positivity. Little do you know but you inspire me in ways both small and big, everyday! I wish I could be more like you….someday! If only I could see the world through your eyes~ La vie en rose!


  5. Beautifully written article. I’ve heard the turkey story from you before but reading it brought about a different picturesque image in my mind. Much love ❤

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  6. Let me begin by saying, you are a commendable writer. I am surprised by the way you have put it in words.

    It all boils down to the fact that you have stood up and I admire that in you. May god be with you always and wish you all the best in your “pursuit to happyness.”

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  7. She is beautiful soul where ever she goes she become famous among people. Not only people but also birds and animals adore her . Her presence spread the love and happiness around the world. It’s cool to have friend like u …

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  8. The way you have written all this fills me with so much of joy…You are an truly an Inspiration to so many… You are so beautiful inside out…your smile, your laugh…they way you brighten up everything around you…your strength and your soul is so pure and beautiful…
    To do all such things, one has to be very strong…and i know u have it all….
    Thankyou for sharing it with us because its very motivating and personally inspires me alot….
    I wish you many more trips and good health…
    Lots of love♡

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  9. It is always a delight to read your post, Arouba!
    I can totally relate to the dilemma you were in while planning the vacation. So glad that you are able to travel so much even after so many difficulties. It’s inspirational to all of us. I hope I can take away a couple of learnings from your experience.
    Please always be as brave and awesome as you are.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love you My friend. Whatever time we get let’s live it. Death is not in our hands and that’s the ultimate truth but by taking care of ourselves and doing what we want to do may let’s do bit of the stuff we dreamt of. 😍😍😍


  10. Arouba – reading your sharing of self , explains more transparently, how you could transform effortlessly, your youngest client – my son , who was 11 when he met you first now 15 from a shy boy to stage performer , & proactive young adult , 😂.
    it’s because of your inner self determination, you have taken the life head on & that too happily , entertaining, exploring the world, educating , coureogeously with mindfulness, maturity & DIL of innocent child .

    I am sure soul like you will continue marking an impression / inspiring many others. Stay connected, with all through your self sharing on such platforms.
    Wishing you all the best .

    Stay blessed

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  11. “The cure is YOU” is what has brought you so close to live and enjoy every moment of life.
    It really takes a lot of courage to travel alone to new unknown places. I’m very motivated and excited to be able to travel solo at least once in my life. 😊

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  12. It is really nice to see someone so motivated and using the energy not only to bring positivity to her life but also sharing it with others to spread the joy. After reading this it is evident how much can be achieved by doing the little things in life and how to channel all that into something so beautiful. Keep travelling, keep sharing and keep spreading smiles! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahahah. We shifted to a new house and that is no more with us but now we have a real big garden where we all can play with Jigar and mishka. 😍😍😍😍 come soon. Hugs hugs


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