Only Companion FROM Birth TO Death- OUR BREATH :-)


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Being someone who helps people learn the many ways of living and breathing, I often wonder how can we forget about something this vital, a thing that is the only companion we have had from the very moment of our inception until the moment we leave this world. 


Training yourself to keep your attention on your breath has become a -To do list- task when It should be the very first thing that we should think of. 

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A friend of mine sent me a motivational video about a speaker talking about his realization of the most important thing in the world-  breathing.

And yes, this friend of mine motivated me to write about it here and I am so grateful to Shrimanth, my friend who always encourages me to write, he tells me “ I love what you write and how you write as I was never a reader before.” 

So here I am, Just thinking loud what I feel and think about it.


I know it’s too much of Gyaan and this friend of mine by the name of Aditya might have told me that- “Hey stop talking about it like people have no awareness about their breath and now you will teach them all about the same, Bla blah blah.” Hahhahaha!

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Selfish me!!!!  Well yes, I always think about myself. I do what makes me content and happy most of the times- and that being almost 99 percent of the times. 




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Yes, I am a big fan of his teachings. 

Now let’s see this – 

When you are happy- what changes is your breath.

When you are sad-what changes is your breath.

When you cry- what changes is your breath.

When you talk – what changes is your breath. 

And even when you sleep- what changes is your breath, yet again.

So who is the ultimate companion??? What should you be taking care of?

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Everybody nowadays breathes wrongly, that’s how we are conditioned. For example, when someone cries, people near them asks them not to cry. What should they do? They want to cry, but everyone asks them not to cry hence, they end up controlling their breath – because that is the only way to stop it. Then with time, it becomes a fixed thing A never-ending list of dos and don’ts.


So that person learns that if he/she breathes shallowly then, they remain in control. If they breathe perfectly and purely just like when they were born breathing, then they will become wild. It cripples them.

And as an outcome, the change in our habit of breathing changes in everything.

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But why don’t we rather learn to understand our breathing pattern? Breathe properly!

Let’s breathe deep and full, let us live and experience the deepest of our emotions.

Breathe through your belly & your lungs. Take beautiful deep breaths and let your body feed on it and it’s positives. Shallow breathing is of no good. It doesn’t even fill your lungs, let alone your whole body!

Tips and Tricks for one’s lungs and body:

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So If you breathe well, the benefits are endless, like:


So all those out there, let’s start it. 

 If you are able to change and navigate your breath- you will be able to change most of the situations in your life. Trust me- you will see the magic happening.

This is why we, in Yoga, Pilates, Meditations etc talk about feeling your breath.

I Love you all and you encourage me to write, travel, talk, feel and in short, to be who I am and the way that I am.






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:-) A seeking one.
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  1. And yet again another beautiful piece! How do you do it everytime, making one think about something so basic yet overlooked upon?! Your perspectives tend to brighten the lives of so many. So much to learn and so little do I know! Yes, breathing has been our first and only companion since the day we opened our eyes and will be our last when we close them for the one final time. We must definitely work on it. And having said that, I am going to take a deep breath right now and am going to be thankful for it. Thank you oh wise one, and with this piece you can add another feather to your cap!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Simply loved the blog. Loved your writing.. I am surely gonna share it to my page.

    Well one of my professors told me, it’s not the number of years in your life but the number of breaths in your destiny so make full and wise use of it..

    Keep writing more!

    Lots of love!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Arouba

    Once again , but this subject , BREATH, our everlasting companion, is over & above , all the subjects, you have written upon & brought it into awareness, about , forgotten friend , you truly stated, it’s just that we need to see this friend of ours which is working for us 24/7, irrespective of our acts , breathe keeps happening on its own by the nature .

    If we had to remember to breathe and then breath taking place , we would have soon died 🙂 Great thanks for sharing treasure of art , best & natural ways to align awareness with breath , resulting, life floating like sea waves, soothing our mind .

    Bringing awareness to others , in selfless way , is also another way of meditation, which you keep doing by writing , so keep writing .

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Assalaamu Aalaikum
    I Am A Fan Of Urs I like ur posts ur writtings & this blog is not a boring update which any 1 can avoid
    It is a blog full of suggestion , knowledge , Hummour & many other things which makes this blog an exceptional one.
    Thank u for such a good writting on such an important aspect & that too in such a brilliant way.
    Will b LooKing forward to Morr such words from you 😇

    Liked by 1 person

    • Walikum Salam. Thank you so much. It means a lot to me. I really appreciate your time and effort. Thank you so much once again. 💕💕💕💕


  5. Feels Happy & Proud When Young generation especially girls have such unique & inspirational tallent to express & spread knowledge about such a good topic & that too in such a beautifull way. God bless u keep writting more & progress more .

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Thankyou so much for such an amazing piece.
    Thanks for reminding once again about how important breath really is. It’s so nice of you to have written about such a topic that’s taken for granted by so many of us.
    Thankyou. LOTS OF LOVE….
    Keep writing.

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  7. Assalamu Aalaikum
    Even words are not enough to appreciate this capolavoro
    Usually I don’t read blogs or updates bcoz they are much of a boring lecture rather than a beautiful canvas of words like u create …. Your writtings & skills are gifts & a genetically transmitted tallent aswell. Hope to get more such cool canvases of words from u & many other happening & itresting knowledge out of ur Intellect.
    Real Me 😎Now For Extravagantly Appreciable Lady.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Well appreciable use of words for the most commonly unique topic about which we forget to lookafter … A Great blog for readers of all age
    Will b looking forward for more of such from more of you 👍

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