So here it is, END TO ANOTHER SPLENDID YEAR. Bye Bye to 2018.

Anyone living with any medical condition or cystic fibrosis that doesn’t go away but stays there – like a rock-solid pillar in someone’s life (Heheheh), knows how isolating the disease can be, but you all made it anything but isolating. Upon meeting/hearing from anyone with this disease or any other per se, you immediately have a kindred connection to them; their story may differ from your own, but the common bond goes as deep as the gene itself. 

Like, this friend I met in a car rally who talked about few of his medical conditions that he was suffering from- and trust me without knowing that gentleman back then, I immediately felt like hugging him and saying that ‘ I know what you are going through. I can feel it.’

When you deeply go through something, it makes you a person who is understanding, sympathetic and empathetic but yes someone with immense mood swings and rude sometimes. 

That’s another reason why I didn’t hesitate to say yes when I was asked to write this blog post. ( That being another friend’s idea, to close the year with a post)  I don’t believe in numbers or years, something I learned the hard way but still, it’s another year coming to a close and we all are here to bid it adieu while being grateful for it.


Selfishly, I’ll take this as an opportunity to thank each and every one of you, at large who, not only contributed to hundreds of msgs but had a heart to heart connection with every word that was posted and shared.

The fact that this blog showcases incredible individuals(Like Aditya and Lisa Bentley and others) living with cystic fibrosis or other medical conditions I talked about rather than the disease itself, makes it all the more amazing.



In each blog post, I try to tell you a story of someone whose life is a struggle every day yet that someone gets an opportunity to make her emotional journey, personal struggles and unsung stories heard, which otherwise might have just passed us by without even rustling a leaf. Each post gives me a gift of insight and the ability to connect, where physical logistics aren’t a problem and isolation is no longer defined by the disease.

 So everyone out there, I know I am not perfect neither do I want to be, I know I am not the healthiest either, I know I am nothing like you, I shouldn’t even try to  – But If I know something it’s that I know I am myself. We all should be, or at least try to be so.

Each day is a struggle and each day we learn something new, a new perspective, a new insight, a new realization, and a new hope. Remain open to learning new lessons, make them your paving stones and climb up each day, every day.

You deserve to be there and on days that you aren’t able to climb or muster the strength even, no problem, take a break, relax a little, refresh yourself, take a deep breath, pull your socks up and then try again. 


We all reflect something while deep down, we are something else. It’s painful but we can shed those layers taking baby steps, one layer a time. See through your fears and look at it in its very eye, if you are not able to surpass them today, one day you definitely will!

Medical condition or no medical condition, we all feel crippled sometimes and there is nothing wrong in that. Accept yourself, Embrace your yourself. 

On that note, let’s wrap things up for this year and open our hearts to many more opportunities and blessings that are yet to come and yet to explore.

Let’s make it a resolution to work on our shortcomings while taking baby steps towards a beautiful tomorrow.

Happy New Year to all you beautiful people out there!





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By profession, a Wellness Coach for Physical and Mental Health, Certified Yoga and Pilates Therapist, Grand Master in Meditation, Traveller and a Blogger

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  1. Arouba, you’ve written straight from the heart. As long as you maintain such a positive, cheerful and realistic attitude, CF can never ever conquer you. You WILL come up on top. Your support base will sustain you forever. Happy New Year!

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  2. No one in this beautiful world is perfect and those who accept that and look forward to improve are the most successful People..
    Success itself has many flavours, for some, it’s the achievement of Love and for some it’s earning new friends. For some, it’s the win in a fight and for some it’s even accepting the loss.
    Life is crazy and so we are…

    A smiling face like yours ( God I just love it), can beat the healthiest souls on earth..

    Keep smiling, keep writing , stay caring and keep loving…

    Happy New year !!


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  3. U are superb,,,,an inspiration,,,a pure soul,,a blessed child,,,a hope for many,,,,May dis year bring a new happiness,,,, health wealth and prosperity,,,God bless you always,,,, livelong Arouba a ray of hope 😘😘😘😘

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