A friend once said – Everybody hurts and with that, he had all the judgmental eyes in the room, on him. He was even asked if he was depressed.

Well, to be honest, we all hurt and it’s not a good feeling. Who wants to get hurt?!

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Reasons are however different; it can be due to the loss of someone dear or of something that could have been, maybe because of an insult, act of bereavement, or some relationship issues, low self-confidence, not getting a promotion etc.


What’s really important after we do get hurt is, RECOVERY.

Often we come to the conclusion that we were to be blamed, it was our fault, that we shouldn’t have expected this and it shouldn’t have hurt.  We keep all of this inside us and don’t even talk about it. 

Why can’t we just accept that it will hurt because we are human beings?

I expected something and it didn’t work out, life can be hard at times.

I lost someone and came to the realization that people and their feelings aren’t something that we can control.

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We dismiss our own feelings to protect ourselves and those around us from the impact we imagine they will have.

This usually causes us to feel more depressed, sad, anxious and at times uncomfortable in the relationship so we end up criticizing ourselves. This becomes one big vicious cycle.

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The answer is- It will be a beautiful feeling! And you’ll be able to move on with grace and satisfaction. Let acceptance sink and allow yourself to heal.

HEALING, such a simple word yet very powerful.

Let it hurt but only to a degree that it is supposed to and then work on your healing. Music is the best therapy, dance if you can go for swimming or trekking, or pottery even. Take a walk by the beach if it’s your thing. Whatever brings you comfort, whatever calms your mind- indulge! Talk to your friends if a family is not an option or, talk to a professional.

The sadness doesn’t remain forever- Every night has it’s morning and there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. There’s a crack in everything and that’s exactly how the light gets in!

What you lose wasn’t meant to be yours- I know accepting it might be difficult but then acceptance and letting go is the ultimate answer.

Things had to go will go, you did your best and that’s what matters. Don’t give a home to HURT, It’s not worth. Heal and Move on. 

Let’s find that bigger picture and let’s move beyond the HURT. Let’s accept it, acknowledge and move on. Let’s respect each and every feeling as its humane. As long as you feel, you are alive.





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:-) A seeking one.
By profession, a Wellness Coach for Physical and Mental Health, Certified Yoga and Pilates Therapist, Grand Master in Meditation, Traveller and a Blogger

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  1. Yet another beautiful article that leaves one with so much to reflect on. Yes, life is difficult and a safe haven was never guaranteed. No matter how cautious and wise we act, life has it’s own way of hitting us right where we are weak and then we are back to square one. We all fall but it’s the rise that follows after it that defines us. We all have our meltdowns and will continue to witness some more in the future because this is no fiction. Your article reminded me of a beautiful quote by Haruki Murakami ~ “And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.” The comeback is always stronger than the setback. We appreciate light because we have seen darkness. Yes, the crack is there so that the light can get in. Beautiful! So, take your time people…take however long it takes for you to heal but just don’t unpack there and make a home because life goes on and ye waqt bhi guzar jaayega. More power and love to you Arouba!

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  2. Dear Arouba,
    You yourself are an example, inspiration and motivation to many. Life itself is a challenge and opportunity simultaneously. One’s limited knowledge combined with being judgemental makes him hurt others. We often face many judgements from many who even don’t know us or our circumstances on various things. They hurt, sometimes they regret, sometimes they justify. It’s their wish and fate. I carry on with my challenges, my values and my opportunities. ‘There is heal and there is hope’ is the message we need to carry forward.
    Proud to share with connections. Love for your passion and inspiration.
    Regards Anil

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    • Thank you so much Anil ji. Yes we face challenges everyday but I am glad I am surrounded by people like you who neither give up nor let people like me give me. Such positivity is appreciate and needed. Shukriya for being there 😊


  3. Aroubha such a wonderful blog. So meaningful. I would like to put it this way, More then motivation you have been inspiring always.
    Thanks for this blog.
    We shall all indulge in and implement your thoughts in our life too.
    Adore you 💕💕💕

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